Fiddle Lessons in Dublin

Fiddle Lesson DublinIf you are familiar with the traditional repertoire of Irish music, you may have already known that the fiddle is one of the most important instruments in traditional Irish music. This instrument is identical to the violin, although the playing styles are different. Some may argue that a violin is a fiddle, but not every fiddle is a violin. The musicians, who are old-fashioned, prefer the word fiddle instead of violin, to differentiate the music and the playing styles. The Iris fiddle is being played completely differently in widely varying regional styles. But obviously, some regional styles are more popular than others because of the requirement of the sound recorders. Few styles still exist although they have been very uncommon nowadays. Compared to the classical violin, the fiddles tend to use vibrato except for slow airs. Like the rest of the Irish music tradition, melodies are embellished through the form of ornamentation.

Even though the harp is Ireland’s national symbol, the fiddle is most commonly played. The ornamental melodies of fiddles are more relaxed than the classical violin. Any improvisation is encouraged here. This has been in existence as far back as the middle ages. The interesting information is, fiddle has been survived generational changes, from its very beginning as a low-class musical instrument mostly popular among the poor. And nowadays the Irish fiddle is playing a very strong role in preserving traditional Irish music and culture.

So learning fiddle is a really interesting way to know and feel the root of traditional Irish music and cultural heritage. You should understand that the tune and melody of any instrument will take you somewhere else, other than the reality, where you will get to know some purest feeling in some purest ways. Fiddle is one of those iconic Irish instruments that can take you back o the middle ages. So if you find it interesting to learn how to plan Irish fiddle, Tempo Music School will help you there. We have the best fiddle lessons in Dublin.

This is easy to get confused nowadays while finding anything in the internet; many people find it really overwhelming. So to make it easier for you, here we have shared our course plan. Ours is a comprehensive module and that has been redesigned over ages just to make things work better for our learners. The teachers are qualified and they have years of experience of teaching music. The passionate teachers will take you to the other level if you just open to take anything with an open mind.

We have three stages in our fiddles lessons in Dublin. In the beginner stage, the students will learn how to hold the fiddle and bow correctly. They will be taught how to make notes and listen for the correct tone. They will be taught simple tunes. The aural skills of the students will be developed and the trainer will introduce them to the basic music theory.

In the intermediate stage of our fiddle lessons in Dublin, students will get to know the more challenging tunes to help develop their repertoires. They will also start learning about simple ornamentations like cuts, grace notes, triplets. In this stage, they will concentrate on overall fluency and tone. The aural skill of them will be developed and also their knowledge of musical theory will be expanded.

In the advanced stage of fiddle lessons in Dublin, the class will concentrate on developing individual style and proficiency on the fiddle. Students will be introduced to a more challenging repertoire of tunes. The ornamentation of music like rolls, double stops etc will be taught here in this stage. Also, the theory of music will be further taught.