Complete Bodhrán Lessons in Dublin

Bodhran Music Lesson

Tempo music school is located in the ABC in Drumcondra Village, Dublin 9.  We have free parking, a bus stop outside the front door and a train station beside us.

Beginner – In these bodhrán lessons you will very quickly learn how to correctly hold the instrument. Learn how to play a simple rhythm for a reel, an Irish dance tune with 4 beats and a jig, an Irish dance tune with 6 beats.

Intermediate – In these lessons we focus on more intricate rhythmic patterns for Irish dance tunes with notation introduced. The use of tonal change will be explored and the techniques used explained. Polkas, hornpipes, slides and slip jigs will be introduced along with more embellished reel and jig rhythms.

Advanced – The primary focus will be on variation, tonality and rhythmic improvisation. New time signatures will be explored using 7 and 5 beat patterns. With the aid of recordings we will study different styles used by leading musicians around the country both new and old.

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