Online Music Lessons

Music lessons are the key component to reaching one’s full potential as a musician.

What’s it all about ?

Through online music lessons, a student receives complete attention in their music lesson which means that students who didn’t have access to a music conservatory could learn online from master teachers from their local music school and indeed around the world.

Technology has reached the point where we carry a wealth of all human knowledge in our pockets, you can now learn music anywhere with the right equipment, software, and an internet connection.


Laptops are probably the best device to use, although tablets and phones can be used too. Internal microphones are more than adequate for your lessons but an external USB microphone would improve sound quality enormously. Download the zoom app to your device. A meeting invite (lesson link) arrives in you email and you simply click the link to begin.


You can now easily and effectively take online lessons from the comfort of your own home. We empower and elevate your music program by giving every student expert, nurturing instruction. Our school offers online individual and plan to teach group lessons in the new year. Our live, online teachers work with students of all ages; teaching kids, teenagers, and adults. We guarantee a customized online experience that will help you reach your goal. Online music classes with Tempo Music School bring your musical goals within reach.


Inclusions and Lesson Offered

The advent of technology has opened new doors and possibilities for everyone no matter where you are. Online music lessons are now available to you conveniently in your own home. Each student is working with a teacher or mentor who helps guide their musical life and hone their musical skills to its peak. Regular lessons are 30 minutes weekly and we offer our online lessons through zoom video. Tempo Music School offers classes for any skill levels from beginner to advanced musician. Wherever you are in your musical journey, we offer opportunities to explore all kinds of music for you.

Instruments Offered

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced student, the Tempo Music School instructor helps enhance your abilities in different instruments. We offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons in online music classes tailored for each instrument. Lessons are available for the following instruments:


Why choose online music class at Tempo Music School

Busy students and parents alike love the scheduling flexibility that online music classes provide. Enrolling online is more convenient and flexible, you can learn from home while mum or dad can observe from the sidelines, while making dinner.

Online music classes are quite effective and convenient. We can provide all of that at Tempo Music School, we have a wonderful and dedicated team of music teachers who are passionate about music and experts in their field. All lessons are taught by our professional staff with wide and varied knowledge so we guarantee a high-quality service.

Benefits for enrolling in online classes

Tempo Music School offers the convenience of live, online lessons, allowing you to enjoy learning from the comfort of your home or anywhere you want. We provide the right teacher to keep the student inspired and strive to learn. Here are some benefits of online music class;

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