Private Music Lessons

Music lessons are the key component to reaching one’s full potential as a musician.

What’s it all about ?

Private Music lessons can be scheduled to suit your availability at any time during our academic year. They are the key component to reaching one’s full potential as a musician. There are many benefits to taking private lessons at Tempo Music School. Through one-on-one study, a student receives complete attention in their music lesson. It’s amazing what can be accomplished when you tap into a student’s natural curiosity and sense of exploration. This has been the key to unlocking the potential that many didn’t know they had. Students learn the fundamentals of music from day one, preparing them for any musical path they desire. At Tempo Music School, we believe the best learning happens through weekly private lessons.


Private ( individual lessons) lessons are 30 minutes in duration, unless a longer class is requested by a student.One tutor and one student for 30 minutes. Lessons are sold in a term of weekly 30 minute classes.  Term 1 is 15 weeks with a mid term break at halloween. Term 2 has 22 weeks with a mid term break during February when the school will be closed. We also close for Easter, around April. We accept students anytime during the term.


Private lessons cannot ordinarily be rescheduled but we can facilitate an online lesson at that time. Our teachers will be here whether a student turns up or not. If on the other hand, your teacher will be absent, we will first ask the tutors sub to cover the classes that day. Failing this, the class will be canceled and rescheduled by the student and teacher. With this in mind please let us know of any queries relating to this topic, we will always try our best to accommodate our students.  If in doubt, and depending on our schedule, you might be able to pay for a single lesson and then decide on a full term.

Inclusions and Lesson Offered

The advent of technology has opened new doors and possibilities for everyone no matter where you are. Online music lessons are now available to you conveniently in your own home. Each student is working with a teacher or mentor who helps guide their musical life and hone their musical skills to its peak. Regular lessons are 30 minutes weekly and we offer our online lessons through zoom video. Tempo Music School offers classes for any skill levels from beginner to advanced musician. Wherever you are in your musical journey, we offer opportunities to explore all kinds of music for you.

Instruments Offered

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced student, the Tempo Music School instructor helps enhance your abilities in different instruments. We offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons in online music classes tailored for each instrument. Lessons are available for the following instruments:


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