Terms and conditions


We have added terms and conditions to our website.  We don’t have a zero tolerance but its just a way to make you aware of our terms of business.  We welcome any discussion.  We have a fair play policy here.  We do our best to accommodate students who miss private lessons. We know its a nuisance when a private lesson is missed due to illness and family occasions.


Term fee’s or part thereof must be paid before term starts. Payment can be made in full or you can request one of our payment plans. Please advise us by email. We accept cash, personal cheques, bank transfers and online payments. The sibling discount will only apply if all siblings are enrolling for a full term. Tempo Music School will not incur the costs for entering students into exams or for exam books.


Lessons are not transferable. We cannot reschedule last minute cancellations. If the teacher is unable to give an individual lesson then a substitute teacher will teach the lessons.  If a teacher is unable to give a group class then another teacher will teach the lesson. If we cancel a lesson a reschedule will be offered on a date during the term, or an online lesson could be an option. If a student cancels their private lesson we will try to accommodate a reschedule but this is not guaranteed. The reschedule would depend on another cancellation. Once we have a cancellation we will then contact you, offering the slot. Remember that our teachers are paid to be here regardless if one student in their schedule is absent or not.


Tempo Music School strongly advises that all students have, or have access to, an instrument to allow sufficient practice at home. Tempo Music School asks that each student endeavours to practice a minimum of 15 minutes at least five days a week, otherwise the student cannot progress successfully. Tempo Music School teachers do not take responsibility for a lack of commitment to practice, this is the responsibility of the student/parent. ( Contact us with any queries relating to practice )


If a student wishes to withdraw from the school, notice of this must be made by email to the school. From the following week, if there are any remaining lessons to be taken which have already been paid, the school will refund most of the value of the remaining classes.


Your child’s safety is of paramount importance to us and we ask parents/guardians to ensure that they are at the school on time to collect children after lessons or classes. Children are only under supervision during their scheduled lesson/class. Tempo Music School teachers and staff are not responsible for supervising children outside of these times or outside of the Tempo Music School premises. If you have made arrangements with Little Learners After School to collect and drop your children please make us aware.