Violin Lesson Dublin

Violin Classes Dublin

Learning any instrument is about learning a new language, and a new way of thinking, and the violin is no exception. When your child learns the violin, they’ll develop so many essential life skills, it’s as mind-boggling as string theory. They’ll have to learn to read notation to be sure, as well as the tenants of music theory and history, but they’ll pick up so much more. They’ll develop an ear for music, the ability to hear it anywhere and everywhere; in the park, at school, in the home.

When that ear has been developed, they’ll want to create music that reflects the beauty of the world, and they’ll have the ability to, because they’ll learn every technique needed to create exceptional pieces. Each violinist has their own style, their own flourishes that bring their subjective experience to life; the violin is one of the most powerful ways to express yourself emotionally. The dexterity required in both hands to play a piece can’t be underestimated, and the coordination, patience and discipline your child will develop is astounding. What’s more, they’ll gain confidence as they master their craft, and creativity as they learn to make the instrument their own. Emotional and rational intelligence, a creative spirit, an open, musical heart, and fleet fingers flying across the fingerboard; what more could you ask for?