Sax Lessons Dublin: Things to Keep in Mind When You are going for your first Sax Lesson

Sax Lessons Dublin

There’s something that’s just too dreamy about the saxophone. It produces a rhythm that’s both romantic and mysterious, and it just lures you to be one with the melody.

Because of its unique sound, a lot of us would want to learn how to play the saxophone. Fortunately, this seemingly intimidating musical instrument is quite learnable – especially if you are determined to work hard towards your goal.

In this article, I will enumerate the things you have to keep in mind when you are going for your first sax lesson. These pointers will prepare you to make the most out of each lesson and make sure that you’ll be able to learn at your ideal pace.

Study the Sax

Studying your sax lets you know how comfortable you are when it comes to holding one. Are you comfortable with its weight? Are you okay with its mouthpiece or do you think you have to replace it first? Do you need a neck strap to help you carry it with comfort? These are just some of the questions that you can already answer while you take an initial look at your saxophone.

Do Your Research About Sax Lessons in Dublin

Aside from learning about the basics of the saxophone, it also helps to do a little research on people’s experiences when they studied the saxophone.

Getting a little background about how people learn the saxophone also prepares you for what to expect once it’s your turn to learn this sophisticated instrument. It gives you a general idea of what you need to work on – like your breathing techniques and how your instrument should sound.

Set Realistic Expectations

We’ve always been told to dream big and I agree with that – just make sure that you know how to manage your expectations to avoid disappointments.

By these expectations, I mean setting up achievable short-term goals that will eventually add up and lead to the fulfillment of your long-term goal. This simply means perfecting note after note until you can finally create your melody.

Also, you must set realistic expectations regarding your teacher. Since you’re still at the beginner level, expect that he/she will teach you the basics and will eventually move you up the ladder once you’re ready. Don’t expect the teacher to ask you to play a full song on your first day – that’s just too much for a beginner to handle.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

To be successful in something, you must face it with a positive attitude. The same goes for learning how to play the saxophone.

Keeping a positive attitude will immediately lift your mood and that can instantly energize you throughout your classes. It will also help you take on your lessons with an “I can do it!” outlook which automatically tears down the walls of doubt.

Remember that doubting yourself will only block any progress and this is especially true in terms of your sax lessons.

Nevertheless, know that there will always be days when you feel like you’re not improving very much. When that happens, look back on what you’ve achieved so far and be amazed at how brave you were for taking the first step. And more often than not, this works to motivate you to try harder and get back on track.

Keep an Open Mind

Keeping an open mind goes hand-in-hand with keeping a positive attitude. While the positive attitude fuels your growth, your open mind helps you unlock the doors to unleash your true potential.

Having an open mind – and more importantly, understanding that your main goal is to learn how to play the sax – will help you learn faster than those with closed minds. This trait will help you understand that your teacher only wants you to improve, so instruction and comments should be taken on board.

If you ever encounter hard-to-swallow pills from your mentor, remind yourself that this is all just constructive criticism and that every effort you will make towards that end is all for the best.


Another thing that you have to keep in mind when going for your first sax lessons is that you should not be afraid to communicate.

Communication is the key to a lot of relationships, including a mentor-student relationship. It guarantees that both parties are harmoniously working together so that the student will be able to achieve his full capabilities.

By openly communicating about your goals and how you feel about your progression, your teacher will be able to assess your strengths and weaknesses. And from there they will be able to draft a lesson plan that will best suit your needs and will be carried out at your ideal pace. And remember, when you are ready to get a Sax Lesson in Dublin, you can always contact Tempo Music School.