9 Reasons Why You Should Start Learning Guitar Immediately

Reasons Why You Should Start Learning Guitar Immediately

Music is for all walks of life. No one is ever too old to try and learn how to play an instrument and if you’re young then you need to put that youthful energy to work ASAP. 

Have you thought about learning how to play the guitar lately? Well, what’s stopping you? A guitar is a relatively easy instrument to learn even if you think you are not musically inclined. Just like any other skill it needs practice and dedication. 

There’s no need to be intimidated, no matter what your intention is, you have got to go by your gut instinct and learn how to play this wonderful instrument NOW! Here are a few reasons WHY!

Learning to Play the Guitar is Not as Hard as it Seems

Most of the time, people are discouraged to go ahead and pick up a new hobby, play a sport, or learn an instrument because they think that it’s going to be too hard. But this notion is just wrong. If you are passionate about something or you think you may like playing the guitar for example then go by your gut instinct and try it out. There’s nothing for you to lose here. 

You don’t even have to dedicate a lot of time to it at first. Just set aside 30 minutes a day and in a month you’ll reap the rewards, if you’re consistent. It’s possible to learn all by yourself and it’s not that hard. 

You’ll Have Instant Access to Learning Materials Nowadays

What’s great about learning an instrument like a guitar nowadays is that you’ll have instant access to learning materials through the internet anytime. Back then it may have been a struggle getting your hands on chord charts and what not but today, you can just Google everything. 

Guitar tabs, guitar lessons, and your favorite artist are at your disposal anytime. 

Music Inspires

Who cares if you won’t go all serious about playing the instrument, music is food for the soul. Music is one way to live in the present and it’s transformative. It’s an outlet for someone’s creativity and at the same time, it puts you in the right mindset to do well in different aspects of your life.

Sad? Play the guitar. Happy? Pick up the guitar! It’s multidimensional and resonates in multiple levels of our consciousness. 

Music Helps Keep You Healthy

There’s listening to music and then there’s actually playing music and that’s better on a whole different level. And, the guitar is one of the most accessible and easiest instruments that you can play.  It’s not expensive like a piano nor harder to learn like a saxophone. It’s a simple instrument that’s easy enough to learn for anybody and no, you don’t need to be musically inclined either.  

Playing and creating music will keep your mind, heart, soul, and body in check thus helping in keeping you healthy. 

Reasons Why You Should Start Learning Guitar Immediately

Music is a Way to Connect With People

Knowing how to play the guitar opens up a lot of possibilities including making meaningful connections throughout your life. How? For one, if you’re going to get serious about playing it, you’ll most likely meet others who are like-minded and bond through the instrument and maybe even form a band or group together.

In a group setting, who do you think would be the life of the party? It is most of the time the guy who knows how to play the guitar, that’s who. 

Music Will Actually Improve Your Life

Knowing how to play the guitar opens a lot of avenues for your life. We’ve said that it can become a way to meet and bond with people, right? So, maybe you don’t turn it into a career but it already paved the way for you to form relationships. Meaning it may open up other possibilities for landing a job, collaboration, or maybe even future business opportunities. 

Plus, playing an instrument teaches us a lot of life lessons like never giving up on a dream or constantly improving ourselves. 

It Could be a Path to a Career

So for those who plan to turn guitar playing and music into a career just keep at it. Playing the guitar professionally can be a lucrative career even in the age today. 

You can be a session or tour guitarist or form a band with a group, all the while teaching some students. There are even multi-talented people who can sing and play the instrument at the same time and that’s going to move your career to greater heights if you do. 

As they say, it ain’t over until it’s over. Young or old, dream big and don’t give up easily if you want to be a guitar rockstar someday.

Reasons Why You Should Start Learning Guitar Immediately

It Can Be a Lifelong Hobby

Everyone has got to have a hobby, right? Learning how to play the guitar is like having a superpower. Still, not a lot of people know how to play the guitar let alone any other musical instrument. 

It can be your identity or just a pastime. Imagine being able to pick up a guitar as you turn 80 and just churn out beautiful melodies on a 6-string. Beautiful, right?

You can also serve as an inspiration to other people young and old. And if you become an expert, you can teach people how to play this instrument too. 

Music is For All Walks of Life

Like our opening sentence, music is for all walks of life thus learning how to play the guitar is for everybody. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. There’s no one too old nor too young to learn how to play music. 

Music is second nature to us human beings. We can’t run away from it. And, we appreciate music no matter what. So what if you’re 40? You’ll be playing it until you’re 90 and that’s 50 years of playing the instrument if you live that long. 

And if you’re reading this and you’re young like 9 years old, then go ahead and tell your parents to get you a 6-string now, it does not even have to be expensive.