Music School Dublin : How to Choose the Right Music School for You?

Music School Dublin

There’s no better way to take your learning experience up a notch than enrolling yourself in a great music school in Dublin. Learning is a life-long process so you mustn’t rush into it. Do proper research, invest your time and energy into finding the best music school so that you can get the best music lessons

However, in learning an instrument there’s no quick and easy way out. You need to be passionate about music and the instrument so that you devote yourself completely to it. The best part about music is that there are endless things to learn. 

Finding the right teacher is crucial when starting your musical journey. The right music school will shape you, mold you, and motivate you to bring out the best in you. The criteria for choosing the right music school vary from place to place. However, we have come up with a common guideline following which you’ll be able to find yourself the right school to smoothen your path. 

Inquire First

Do proper research before you jump to the conclusion that this school is the one for me. Don’t be overblown by the look of the school, instead talk to some of the current students and take note of the pros and cons of the school. 

Try to gather information regarding the programs they offer and their teaching techniques. Also, make sure the school that you opt for the specific guitar lessons that you want as there are multiple different kinds of guitar such as acoustic, electric, bass, etc. 


Along with hard work and dedication, a successful music career requires peace of mind. If the location of the guitar school isn’t convenient for you then it’ll hamper the overall experience no matter how hard you try or how inspiring your mentor is. It’s important that you choose the location of the guitar school wisely so that you can put your best effort into learning the instrument. 


It’s not necessary that you spend a fortune to get quality lessons. However, music schools in Dublin with professional musicians do cost quite a hefty amount. If you’re a beginner then there’s no point spending a premium for the most renowned tutor in town. For beginners and amateurs, investing in a school which is less-known and close to home will be a wise choice. As you gather more experience and you build up your career as a professional musician, you may opt for a more prestigious and expensive school to get the best possible lessons and mentors. 

Attend a trial class

Since you’ll be investing a lot in the classes, it’s important that you are absolutely sure that they’re worth spending on and they provide the best guidance that you need. Before you officially enroll yourself in the term, ask if it’s possible to book a single lesson as a trial class

Choose the right tutor

There are many great guitarists out there but not all of them have the ability and patience to teach. Most music schools in Dublin will have a biog of their tutors on their website. Have a look at your potential mentor so that you get a prior idea of their musical credentials. 

The right mentor will help you stay focused so that you improve and reach your goals eventually. Having a teacher who constantly demotivates you or questions your ability will not only divert your focus away but also make you lose interest in your musical journey. He/she will also act as a guide to pave the path towards your professional career. 


If possible, have a chat with some of the current students to learn about their experience with a particular school. 

The Curriculum 

Before you get enrolled, make sure that the school offers the right type of lesson for your preferred genre or type of guitar. If you want to enhance your knowledge of acoustic guitar then make sure the music school Dublin has skilled teachers to provide lessons or acoustic guitar. Also, if you want to learn to play bass guitar or any other type then you must ensure that the school has sufficient facilities to provide lessons on your desired curriculum. 

Stay Confident 

Just getting yourself enrolled in a good music school in Dublin will not suffice. You must stay confident and believe in yourself so that you can reach your goals even if it’s sky-high. Learning an instrument is not a piece of cake, therefore, you must practice and put in the highest amount of effort. 

It’ll take time to acquire a new skill. Don’t be disheartened if you can’t master it as easily or simply as your fellow mates. Stay focused and dedicated, if you’re falling behind then have a discussion with your mentor so that he/she can help you to catch up.