Tin Whistles Lessons

Tin Whistle Lessons Dublin

Tin Whistle is also known as Irish Whistle of Flageolet. This is a simple six-holed woodwind instrument. The origin of this musical instrument is found in Ireland, as you see the name suggests.  With time the design and construction have been revised and nowadays the most common tin whistles are made of brass tubing or nickel plated brass tubing with a plastic mouthpiece.

The whistle is tuned diatonically. And that allows the instrument to be used to easily play music in two major keys and their corresponding minor keys and modes. Usually, when you will go to buy a tin whistle, you will see that the tin whistles are named by its lowest note. This method of determining the key of an instrument is different from the way of determining the key of a chromatic instrument. This was the basic idea of a Tin whistle. Since you are here on this page, we assume that you already know what a tin whistle is. The technical information, you may find it helpful if not confusing. Even if it confuses you, no worry, we are here, Tempo Music School, for the best Tin Whistle Lessons in Dublin.

Tempo Music School has a comprehensive Tin Whistle Lessons in Dublin for the beginner to the intermediate Irish musicians who are learning Tin Whistle Music. The whole course designed, to begin with, the understanding of sound, musical key and tone of the tin whistle. And then the students of Tin Whistle Lessons in Dublin will learn some Tin Whistle music.

The module is not at all complicated and it is refined over years of experiences. Each of the parts helps our students, from the very beginners to get to know the instruments very well and help them practice with highest possible efficiency so that they can start understanding the science behind it and start performing themselves. The course will start with simple melodies to begin the journey of each learner. And then gradually the sense of the student will be developed with time and they will show the progress onto polkas and jigs.