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Private Music Lessons

Private lessons or individual lessons are 30 minutes in duration, unless a longer class is requested by a student. One tutor, one teacher and one piano for 30 minutes. Lessons are sold in a term of weekly 30 minute classes. Term 2 is 22 weeks, 19 on Mondays. Adult term 1 fee is €528. A child’s term 1 fee is €484.  There is a mid term break during February when the school will be closed. We also close for Easter, around April. We accept students anytime during the term.

We also have a shorter 12 week term for new students, see all fee’s here.

If in doubt, and depending on our schedule, you might be able to pay for a single lesson and then decide.

Classes cannot ordinarily be rescheduled. Our teachers will be here whether a student turns up or not. If on the other hand your teacher will be absent, we will firstly ask the tutors sub to cover the classes that day. Failing this, the class will be cancelled and rescheduled by the student and teacher. With this in mind please let us know of any queries relating to this topic, we will always try our best to accommodate.