Piano Lessons in Dublin

piano lessons dublinLearning to play the piano is one of the best things you can do for yourself. If you have the slightest desire to learn piano you should start right now. Since you are here on this page, let’s assume that you are interested in learning piano. Here you will get some basic introductions on why you should learn to play piano, how does it work etc.

Learning to play the piano is easy nowadays. You will always find teachers in your area like for example if you are looking for piano lessons in Dublin, we are here for you. Tempo Music School always helps people who are interested to learn music. We made it so simple that learning piano has never been easier. Our piano lessons in Dublin are affordable and our teachers most welcoming, you can find a completely new world of music here around you.

Why Go With Our Piano Lessons in Dublin?

We offer 3 levels of piano lessons in Dublin. The beginner lessons are obviously for the newbie. It will teach you the introduction to the instrument, recognise and find notes in both stages. Like each of our courses, the course module is redefined by years of experiences. The students will be taught simple exercises and song using hand separately. The basic music notations and timing will also be taught. We have a group of teachers; they are very helpful and updated about the latest ways of teaching. The classics are very interactive and therefore fruitful for the students. Students will have the opportunity to sit up to grade 1 exams at the beginner level.

In the intermediate piano lessons in Dublin, intermediate students will get help to develop playing with both hands and using simple chord structures. They will also be introduced with aural skills, basic music theory and sight reading with both hands. There will be way lots of opportunities to practice the lessons in class and outside so that they can have perfection day by day. The whole process is designed in a very comfortable and fun way, and through the modern songs, classical pieces or jazz numbers there will always be an emphasis on the interest of the individual student. In this stage, their fluency in playing piano will be developed. Students will have the opportunity to sit up to grade 5 exams at the intermediate level.

Advanced Piano Lessons

In the advanced stage, students will have the opportunity to sit grade 6 to 8 exams while fine-tuning technique. In class, you can ask questions about the course and modules. We strongly believe that these questions will make classes more interactive and the teachers will get the chance to improvise the modules if required. We also have a wonderful guitar community, where you can join for free and find other like-minded people who have taken piano lessons in Dublin, so that you can help each other and truly this community is amazing.

There you will find many piano lessons in Dublin, but ours have been recognized for years, by the local and national experts and critics. Besides the basics of the instrument,s you will learn basic music understanding, patterns and structures in some popular songs. This will help you to create control over a wide range of songs and other musical compositions. This will also teach you to explore and develop your music sense.