Summer Camp Workshops and Music Programs

Summer-Camp-BallybodenFor the last four years we developed a two week music program for ‘Whitechurch Summer Camp’ using a range of accessible instruments, voice, interactive programs and dance.  The program was delivered with great success and we have been asked back for 2015.

Summer Camp Workshops

  • Our workshops are fun filled, educational and interactive. The workshops have been introduced in schools around Dublin and the methods and exercises involved have been tried and tested with great success. All our workshops can be tailored to suit your needs and expectations.


  • music-workshopIn all our music workshops and tuition programs the students will develop an understanding that learning music can help to express themselves through their music and make it their own. Students will develop an understanding of pitch and rhythm through our unique interactive software and rhythm games.


“It was important that the students would have fun but have a real learning experience too. Tempo Music Schools program delivered this to our 4-7 year olds. The music was taught using colour, texture, humour, dance and games. We’ve booked the program again for 2012.”

Lucinda Pachkam, School Completion Program,
Whitechurch Summer Camp

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