Child Students

A child can be introduced to music and experience many benefits from a very young age. Here at Tempo we offer Baby Beats and Mini Beats; music appreciation classes for 9 months – 6 year olds. These classes are designed to introduce children to sounds, songs and new instruments in a fun environment. They also experience the social aspect of music in a group setting with other children of similar ages.

Instrumental tuition can generally commence from ages 6 or 7 years, depending on the child. Many children will show a genuine interest in music and learning an instrument at this age.

We are always happy to discuss any questions that parents may have and we offer a number of ways to begin learning music, through private or group lessons and in a number of music styles. Please see the individual instrument pages for more information on classes.

Adult Students

We offer music lessons to adults who are at any level of musical ability. Many of our students are total beginners, those who always wanted to learn an instrument and have decided to begin at a later age. There are also those who played music as a child and want to restore their skills and return to learning. Others students are already musicians and begin lessons in a new instrument, as music is a life-long education that never ends.

Whatever your background in music or your reasons for taking lessons, learning and playing an instrument is an experience that is open to all and fully enjoyable at any age.