Banjo Lessons Dublin

Banjo Lessons in DublinBanjo is a stringed musical instrument. There is no exact information about the evaluation of Banjo. It is said that Banjo was invented by the Africans living in the United States is influenced by similar any other musical instrument of Africa. Now the instrument is spelled as ‘Banjo’. But by the 18th century, it was given 19 different spellings. Among those- Bonjoe, Banza are some. During the ‘Jazz era’ people were crazy about the four-stringed Banjos. The craziness started to fade away in the 1940s, when Banjo started to be replaced by Guitar.  Whatever the history is, the banjo is now a popular instrument among the people.

There are two main parts of a Banjo. The neck is one and body is another. The neck is the long and slim part that covers the two-thirds of the length of the whole instrument. Hody is a round frame covered by a thin membrane stretched over it. This covers the remaining part of the Banjo. If we divide Banjo more, we will get more specific parts like- head, tuning pegs, nuts, fretboard, fret, neck, resonator, drum head, bridge, rim, and tailpiece. You’ll find four-stringed, five-stringed or six-stringed Banjos in the market. Different people choose different version according to their preference.

The invention of Banjo was influenced by some types of African musical instrument. After being invented, Banjo quickly became popular within the natives and started being used in Folk, Irish traditional and Country music. In the African-American traditional music and folk cultural songs of rural whites, Banjo was used as the central or leading instrument.

It entered into the mainstream via the minstrel shows of the 19th century. The combination of Banjo and Fiddle is a mainstay of American old-time music. In traditional Jazz music, it is used widely. Nowadays, it is a very popular musical instrument among the people who love old country music. The physical set up of playing Banjo is like playing Guitar. The person who plays Banjo holds the upper portion of the neck by one hand and places another hand on the drum head. A strip is used to support him to carry the Banjo. The strip is normally placed around the neck.

If you are looking for Banjo Lessons in Dublin, you will find a few options here. Tempo music school will offer you one of the best banjo lessons in Dublin. We have a comprehensive module for this course that includes two stages. In the beginner stages of our banjo lessons, the students will get to know their instruments with an attentive guide on how o position and hold the banjo and the plectrum. We have a group of passionate music teacher and they are well experienced in teaching. The course module has been refined over time. In the beginner stage, students will also learn how effectively pick notes and build a steady rhythmic ability, to eventually play some popular session tunes. They will also be introduced to the various dance tune rhythms.

In the intermediate stage, the students will be shown various techniques and characteristics of traditional music, applied effectively to the tenor banjo, including triplets and some cross picking and cord playing to embellish their foundation skills and ability. More intricate tunes will also be taught at the intermediate level.

We also arrange special workshops for our students and those who are interested in learning different musical instruments. The environment is something you will like very much. If you start your musical journey with us, we will truly be honored to help you and be a part of your journey. So feel free to ask anything if you are not clear yet. You can contact us anytime we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.