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The History of Bodhrán As A Music Instrument

In the 21st century, it is rare to witness the evolution of a classic instrument. Most of the instruments which are used to play music were conceptualized and perfected in the bygone millennia. There is however one popular Irish exception. The Bodhran. The bodhrán is a Celtic- Irish frame drum that surged in popularity as […]

Why You Should Teach an Instrument to Your Kid

Music is everywhere – from streaming apps to live concerts, music is a contagious feeling in which kids just love. Encouraging a love of music and learning to play an instrument in the early years has a lot of benefits from teaching patience to boosting self-esteem. However, learning to play an instrument doesn’t mean sitting […]

Online Music Lessons and How Effective They Can Be

Technology has made education accessible to everyone worldwide. This is especially true now that we’re facing a new normal where most of our activities are conducted virtually. Music lessons are no exception. Most of today’s music schools now hold online music lessons so students don’t have to leave their homes to learn. They also offer […]

Is Bodhran The Right Instrument for You to Learn?

Looking for the right instrument for you to learn can be exhausting – especially if you seem to be interested in a lot of them. You have to consider what you love most about playing instruments and work your way from there. One instrument that is slowly gaining popularity in recent years is the Irish […]

Piano Lessons: Things to Look For When Deciding to Learn Piano

There’s no doubt that the piano produces the most beautiful sounds. Although the piano is often associated with classical music, it is versatile enough to accompany most of today’s modern tunes.  Compared to other instruments, the piano is one of the easiest instruments to learn how to play. Neither does it require other accessories, so […]