Music as Taught Before and Today

Music as Taught Before and Today

Are you trying to rediscover your love for music? Did you study music in the past or your childhood but didn’t pursue it any further? If you want to continue studying now then you must have an idea of the differences in how music is taught today compared to how it was taught before say maybe about 30 to 40 years ago. 

Of course, when it comes to music, the fundamentals are the same. But the tools and applications right now are a bit different. So let’s explore the difference in music education in the past and the present so you’d know how to adapt. 

Music as Taught in The Past 

Of course, a lot has changed when it comes to how music is taught today due to the advancements in technology. Musical instruments are directly affected by this as well as the tools utilized for teaching lessons. A lot of musical genres have also been innovated by popular artists that have since affected how music is played, learned, and performed. Comes with that is how different people’s opinion on how music should be taught in the process.

So, how was music taught around 40 years ago? 

Well, it turns out that it’s still pretty much the same only where it isn’t. Let us explain. 

The 70s was the time where music was integrated into a lot of the school’s curriculum to pave the way for a newer era of education in music. It’s also important to take note that this was due to the loss of support for music as a part of progressive education way back in the 50s. 

During this time primary, secondary, and even college curriculum had a place for music and the fundamentals were taught. It then turned out that the fundamentals of teaching music even up until today are quite still the same. 

We’re talking about learning to read notation for you to recite compositions. The orchestra, marching band, jazz band, and chorus still exist today as a means to get music lessons, thus the similarities in modern day music education. 

So, what about the stereotypical strict classical music teachers we see portrayed in the media? Well, not even that is different from the teachers nowadays, only probably the level of strictness a teacher applies on their students would depend on what the student is trying to achieve which should be rightfully so.

If you’re trying to get into The Juilliard School then naturally you should want a strict and serious teacher for you to stand a chance of getting admitted. But maybe if it’s just for a school activity or a hobby, even nowadays the teacher wouldn’t hit your hands with a stick if you hit the wrong notes. 

So, what changed? Well, the obvious.

Music as Taught Before and Today

Music as Taught Nowadays

Art is basically about building culture and counterculture. That’s what happens with music too. And that cycle will and always will change music thus changing how it’s viewed and taught. 

The biggest thing that has changed in the past couple of decades when it comes to music education are the methods by which one may take music lessons. And the reason behind it is no other than what we call the INTERNET.

Nowadays, you may take lessons from someone halfway around the world. The gap is bridged and you may learn music anytime and anywhere plus you may say that it’s even more affordable and accessible to anyone.

Aside from online music lessons, you can even enroll in a music course and take lessons from a pre-recorded video from your instructor. These processes on how to acquire musical knowledge would surely shock music teachers from the 50s or the 70s for they probably couldn’t fathom that teaching music from a different place is even possible. 

Today, nothing is impossible due to technology. Not only has that, but music teachers today also incorporate pop culture into their curriculum. They recognize the need for integrating popular music into their lessons so the students can further relate to it and enjoy it more. 

What else is new today? Classical music teachers would probably comment on the lack of proper musical lessons today due to the rise of what we call Oido musicians. A lot of popular bands and artists are self-taught that has led to an entire movement in music almost like a revolution. 

Today, someone can just go to YouTube and learn the songs they love right away. You don’t need to pay for any of this.

So, if you’re someone who wants to learn music today, what changes is that it’s a lot easier to access and the only thing that’s going to hold you back is your resourcefulness. 

You can still learn in person, that will never stop but today, you won’t have any reason to say that you can’t study music because you just don’t have the time nor the place to do so. 

Instruments today are more affordable and you can learn music at your own time, pace, and right in your bedroom.

So going back to our statement about what changed earlier, it turns out that it’s still pretty much the same only where it isn’t.

With all these revolutionary changes when it comes to teaching music, it’s still safe to say that if you’re passionate about it then you’d still find ways to learn the craft no matter how it’s taught. 

And as they say, it ain’t too late to learn a craft or two no matter your age. So go ahead and grab that guitar or sit at that piano and learn the basics once again. For a life of music is a rewarding life and no matter where it takes you, it’s sure to be a fun-filled journey. 

Top 5 Drummers

Top 5 Drummers Across Different Genres

Making a top 5 drummers of all time list is such a tall order and something that’s always going to generate a lot of discussions. That’s just because music in itself can be highly subjective and people will always have their biases.  

Nonetheless, the musicians we’ve listed below are some of the best across their respective genres and are always found loitering the halls of rock and roll fame. We tried to be as inclusive as possible, we don’t want a list that’s only full of old school drummers and without appreciation to the new school that helped further the cause of music.  

Without further ado, here are 5 of the best drummers across different genres.  

Travis Barker

travis barker

What separates a great drummer from a legendary one? Well, it’s because some move on to become icons and left a lasting impression on the minds of anyone who have listened to their music. That’s what Travis Barker is all about. He is not just the guy who plays the drums for Blink 182, but he is a larger-than-life drummer and can stand on the merits of his own accomplishments.  

Travis Barker is a phenomenal drummer and super-skilled at what he does. He constantly paves the way for new techniques in drumming and has inspired the millions who have followed his career.

Travis Barker and Blink-182 rose to fame in the heights of the MTV generation and they all became worldwide sensations. Travis Barker has spent time creating and playing music from all sorts of the genre but he is on our list as the representative of the punk rock and hip hop scene. 

This is amazing, to begin with, because given that the pop-punk genre is drum-driven and does have tons of amazing drummers. Still, Travis Barker stands out above the crowd. Don’t get us wrong his career and relationship with specifically Blink-182 bandmate Tom Delonge has been tumultuous and he even survived an aeroplane crash. But still, Travis Barker inspires new generation drummers like no other because of his fast tempo and methodical drumming style worthy of being included in our list for sure.  

Joey Jordison 

Joey Jordison 

Joey Jordison may be an inclusion on our list that will surely raise some eyebrows but as  mentioned, we don’t want to fill the list with just the old school and want to recognize what 

this multi-instrumentalist, showman, and out of this world drummer has contributed to the genre of Nu-Metal.  

Slipknot’s live shows are mind-blowing and who can forget Joey Jordison’s drum solo where he was harnessed into his seat and the entire drum setup was turned upside down and all the while Joey does not miss a beat. 

Jordison is also a multi-instrumentalist evident by his guitar playing chores for the band  Murderdolls. He is part of the band Slipknot who has ushered heavy metal audiences into the new generation and has since released several chart-topping albums.  

Unfortunately, he left Slipknot in a not so amicable way ever since. Nevertheless, his place amongst the heavy metal drummer’s podium is set.  

Buddy Rich 

Buddy Rich 

Bernard or better known as Buddy Rich was the drummer who the drummers who you look up to looked up to. Did you follow that? Yes, everyone back then wanted to be Buddy Rich.  Everything he did, every technique and beat he does become the basis for what a drummer should play and pursue.  

Watched the movie Whiplash? Yes, the character of Miles Teller wanted to be Buddy Rich so much that he was willing to bleed for it. That’s just how this legendary drummer and musician has influenced people and expanded the craft.  Buddy Rich is one legendary Jazz Musician.  

Mike Portnoy 

Mike Portnoy 

Mike Portnoy may once again raise a few eyebrows but this legendary Dream Theater drummer deserves to be on this list as a representative for progressive rock and metal music.  

Portnoy is known for his intricate drum setups and mind-boggling drum solos combined with  John Petrucci, John Myung, and Jordan Rudess’ virtuoso playing and you get yourself a  memorable experience every time.  

Being a progressive rock drummer Portnoy has played it all from groovy, heart-pounding,  syncopated, and jazzy drum riffs, he’s done it all on their records and with their larger than life live performances.  

Mike Portnoy also played for another electrifying metal band in Avenged Sevenfold and that marriage also resulted in great music together. Unfortunately, like Jordison, Portnoy is no 

longer with Dream Theater in another heartbreaking breakup we can only hope and wish would soon reunite.  

John Bonham 

John Bonham 

Do you know who won’t raise a few eyebrows if you list as the greatest drummer of all time? John  Bonham, that’s who. Bonzo is a Tour-de-force and he was one of the major components of how  Led Zeppelin dominated the world in the 70s.  

John Bonham does not only represent psychedelic rock on our list but represents music altogether. That’s how great he is and that’s how large his legacy is. Unfortunately, he passed away at the tender age of 32, and to make a statement, the band also decided to disband.  

He was a musical genius, who had an open and loud sound. It was raw, it was rock, and it was emotional just watching or listening to him play. It was an experience that you’d hope you can get back to anytime.  

His playing was also oftentimes described as heavy, lively, and would boggle the minds of many musicians and pundits alike. He was out of this and phenomenal. Go listen to his music if you haven’t, it will change your life.  

Think we missed a few other greats? Yeah, we think so too. But again we only listed 5 of the best drummers of all time amongst hundreds of others that we sure are deserving.  

Nevertheless, we’re sure that these musicians and artists are worthy of the praise and adoration for their contributions to the craft. Whether you enjoy old school or new school music, we’re pretty sure that any of these drummers will make you appreciate music even more just because of their sheer passion for percussion.