Bodhrán Beats visit’s Guinness Storehouse (again)

2016-03-19 15.45.31We had an amazing Saint Patricks Festival at the Guinness Storehouse where Robert O Connor facilitated 35 Bodhrán Beats workshops.

There was 1500 wonderful people involved in the workshop’s throughout the week and it was fantastic to see so many visitors participate, a world record by any accounts.

We are delighted to be working alongside such talented musicians, dancers, entertainers and well organised management.






Bodhrán Beats visits Bunclody

Bodhrán Beats visits BunclodyBodhrán Beats was invited back again to teach the students of FCJ Bunclody.

We had a wonderful day of workshops teaching 120 students how to play a bodhrán.

Congratulations to everyone.

Bodhrán Beats visits the Little Museum of Dublin (again)

Bodhrán Beats visits the Little Museum of Dublin (again)Bodhrán beats was invited back again to facilitate another fun filled workshop in this fantastic museum.  We had a wonderful evening with a very excited group from Accenture Ireland.

The museum was hosting a brilliant 1916 exhibition in the space we were using and it was such a fantastic way for us to educate ourselves while setting up.

Well done to everyone involved and a big thanks to the staff at the museum.