Transition Year Students – St Joseph’s Lucan

Thank you to all the students who presented me with my own personalised mug at the graduation in St Joseph’s College in Lucan and congratulations on such a fantastic performance to open the graduation.

Bodhrán Workshop and Ceilí at Carton House, May 11th 2013

Bodhrán Workshop and Ceilí at Carton House

PEI celebrated 50 years in business during 2013 and to add to the celebrations Tempo Music School facilitated a bodhrán workshop for 55 of its fantastic employees.

The workshop was great fun which was made easy by such a brilliant group of people who showed great interest and participation.

In the evening we then hosted a ceilí where all employees where up on the dance floor dancing to jigs, reels and polkas under the direction of our dance teacher.

It was a wonderful night and a credit to all the gang at PEI who immersed themselves into the tradition for the day, fair play to ye.

Music App Development

Music App By Tempo Music School

Tempo Music School is collaborating with coding experts from DIT to develop a music app which will help children understand the fundamentals of rhythm, pitch and timing.

Its a very exciting project and we look forward to developing the idea over the summer months.


Dublin City Libraries

Music workshop at Dublin City Libraries


During the year Tempo Music School was asked by Dublin City Libraries to facilitate a series of workshops for their Sheachtain na Gaeilge festivities and to our delight they were very successful and great fun.

Through the workshops we worked with 41 children, 16 teenagers and 17 adults all of whom were a joy to work with and showed great interest in learning a new skill.

Here are a few of the comments made to library staff;

“excellant, teacher very good, have more often”, “very informative”, “go hana mhaith ar fad”, “more time, more often”, “brilliant, longer session”, “great teacher would have liked a longer session”